‘Walking in Quicksand’ extended, featured on NPR’s The Story

Zalmai being interviewed by Dick Gordon

Zalmaï, who recently wrapped-up a week-long residency as part of the DUCIS/Magnum Emergency Fund partnership will be featured on today’s episode of The Story with Dick Gordon.

In the course of the interview, recorded last week at WUNC‘s studios in Chapel Hill, Zalmaï and host Dick Gordon discuss the story of the documentary photographer and photojournalist’s escape from Afghanistan during the Soviet Army invasion and how the economic debt crisis in Greece has heightened xenophobia and violent hyper-nationalism, endangering tens of thousands of asylum seekers who have fled wars in Afghanistan, Africa and the Middle East.

The program can be heard, locally, at 1pm and 8pm on WUNC (live-stream) and in national syndication on these stations.

Zalmaï’s exhibition, ‘Walking in Quicksand,’ on display in the Franklin Center main gallery, has been extended two weeks, through October 12.