Globalization and the Artist


David DegnerNovember 13, 2013 (Wednesday) at Noon
Location: Room 130, John Hope Franklin Center
David Degner
A Conversation on the Arab Spring
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The arts have a long global history. The movement of both artists and their products reaches far back in time and over wide geographical expanses. Perhaps the difference today is that it is now hard to determine the geographical origin of a work. Styles and technologies, sites of production and sites of distribution are no longer bound by national traditions, although traditions may be among the influences. Over the course of the last decade DUCIS has taken numerous opportunities to explore the interplay of global trends and what artists create.

Our lunch conversations, which remain the core of GATA programming, opened in September 1998 with the close cooperation with numerous other campus units including the Nasher Art Museum, the Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke Performances, and the Visual Arts Initiative.