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Graduate Student Information Session: 2:30-4:00pm, January 13, 2014, Perkins 217

With funding provided by the U.S. Department of Education, the international and area studies centers listed on the attached page expect to award non-service fellowships for the 2013-2014 academic year.  As in previous years the fellowships are available to graduate and professional school students.

The purpose of the fellowships is to encourage the study or use of foreign languages in combination with international or area studies.  Priority will be given to students enrolling in a foreign language course and at least one area studies course each semester while completing full-time course work.  In some cases fellowships will be awarded to graduate students for the use of the advanced foreign language while carrying out overseas research during the academic year. The languages for which fellowships are offered by each center are indicated below.  The FLAS competitions are open to graduate and professional school students currently enrolled at Duke. In most cases, native speakers of these languages, even if U.S. citizens or permanent residents, are not eligible for a fellowship in their native language.

The terms of the fellowship program, as specified by the U.S. Department of Education, are as follows:

For graduate and professional school students the FLAS award consists of a cost of education allowance of $18,000 to cover tuition and required fees plus a stipend of $15,000.  The remainder of the tuition and required fees must be covered by University funds.

Please note that student applicants are required to obtain the signature of their Department or School representative signifying the Department or School’s agreement to accept the institutional payment in lieu of full tuition and fees for the FLAS Fellow.    According to the fellowship program guidelines, the FLAS Fellow cannot be required to contribute to the cost of their tuition and fees from their own personal resources.

Eligibility requirements for Academic Year FLAS Fellowships:

  1. recipients must enroll as full-time students in a graduate or professional degree program during the fellowship period;
  2. recipients must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents;
  3. recipients must enroll in the formal study of one of the languages indicated below while pursuing a formal academic program of study that includes area studies courses, or be actively engaged in the use of such a language via overseas field research;
  4. only candidates of very high professional promise should be nominated.

Application Instructions: We are pleased to invite applications from graduate students in academic departments or professional schools for these FLAS fellowships.  Each center listed on the attached page will administer its own competition to award fellowships for the study of the languages listed. Please submit your application materials electronically to each center to which you are applying no later than 5:00 p.m., March 3, 2014. It is possible to apply to more than one center – please make it clear on your application if you are doing so and be sure to submit a complete application with all supporting documentation to each center to which you are applying.

NOTE:  Required application materials include:

  1. a completed application form (attached — please note that Directors of Graduate Studies or their professional school equivalents must certify that applicants are in good academic standing by signing where indicated on the attached signature form; applicants must also obtain any additional approvals required by their Department or School prior to submitting the application; this signature also indicates the School’s agreement to accept the cost of education allowance in lieu of full payment of tuition and required fees);
  2. two letters of recommendation:
    1. one which evaluates the candidate’s graduate and/or undergraduate performance, from the candidate’s academic advisor, sponsoring faculty member, or other, and
    2. one from a language instructor who is able to assess the student’s current skills in the language to be studied, or for beginning language candidates, the second letter should be from another faculty member or other who is familiar with your work;
  3. an official transcript of the candidate’s graduate record at Duke;
  4. a two-page (double-spaced) proposal by the candidate describing prior language and area studies training, related experiences, and future study plans, including explicit reference to how those plans will lead to professional activity in the relevant world area or areas in which the  language will be used.  The candidate should also clearly indicate for which language he or she is applying and what courses or research would be undertaken in the language.  Candidates applying for a FLAS fellowship to conduct dissertation research abroad during the award period must also submit a separate description of their research project, including dissertation research topic, dissertation advisor’s name and e-mail address, and a statement of purpose, methods, and expected use of the language to be studied.  The length of this statement should not exceed 300 words (per the funding agency’s online reporting system).

IMPORTANT:  The availability of Academic Year FLAS Fellowships for 2014-15 and beyond will be contingent upon confirmation of funding received by each center from the U.S. Department of Education.  Please note that all the centers are currently competing for four more years of FLAS Fellowship funding.  We expect to learn the outcome of our proposals to the U.S. Department of Education in June 2014 or later.  FLAS awards will be announced sometime after that.

Duke University does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, religion, national origin, handicap, veteran status, sexual orientation or preference, sex, or age in the administration of educational policies, admission policies, financial aid, employment or any other University program or activity.  It admits qualified students to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities accorded or made available to students.

Center Languages for which fellowships may be offered
Asian/Pacific Studies Institute
142 Franklin Center
Box 90411
contact:  Yan Li
phone:  919-684-5425
Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.  Priority will be given to students pursuing advanced levels of study of one of these languages.Application deadline for Academic Year FLAS competition:  March 3, 2014.
Center for International Studies
105 Franklin Center
Box 90404
contact:  Nancy Hare Robbins
phone: 919-684-6454
 Arabic, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Korean, Persian, Turkish.  Other less commonly taught languages may be supported, contingent upon funding agency approval.Application deadline for Academic Year FLAS competition:  March 3, 2014.
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
135 Franklin Center
Box 90254
contact: Natalie Hartman
phone: 919-681-3983
Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Spanish (for Spanish, language study must be at the advanced level).Application deadline for Academic Year FLAS competition:  March 3, 2014.
Middle East Studies Center
124 Franklin Center
Box 90402
contact:  Kelly Schwehm
phone:  919-668-1653
Modern Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Modern Hebrew, Urdu (contingent upon funding agency approval).Application deadline for Academic Year FLAS competition: March 3, 2014.
Center for Slavic, Eurasian and East European Studies
302 Languages Bldg
Box 90260
contact: Michael Newcity
phone: 919-660-3150
Polish, Romanian, Russian (for Russian, language study must be at the advanced level), Turkish.Application deadline for Academic Year FLAS competition:  March 3, 2014.
Please note: According to U.S. Department of Education guidelines, FLAS Fellows using a foreign language to conduct research overseas must be at the advanced level of study of the language in question.



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The FLAS application is currently closed to submissions.
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