Health, Politics and Justice 2009-2010

This seminar aims to foster lively interdisciplinary conversations about health ethics, the political issues that arise in health policy planning and reform, and the place of ideas of justice and human rights in these political conversations. The seminar will address the following central questions:

  • What are the political philosophical issues that arise in contemporary debates about health and justice both domestically and globally?
  • How do assertions of human rights and civil rights affect health policy ideals and practice?
  • What are the legal issues that arise in health policy reform?
  • What are the ideological, legal, and political factors that explain why American health policy operates so differently from other industrialized nations?
  • How do different disciplines approach studying and intervening in the issue of health and justice?
  • What will make it easier to talk across disciplines about health, politics and justice?

Our first two sessions, focusing on political philosophy, health, and justice, will be:

Friday October 30 & Friday November 20
9:45am — 11:15am
Breakfast Will be Served
John Hope Franklin Center
2204 Erwin Road, Room 130

If you would like to participate, please contact Abby Goldman (

Note: All Duke-affiliated graduate and professional students who participate regularly in this seminar will be eligible to apply for the Duke University Center for International Studies’ summer research funding support. For more information about DUCIS summer grant opportunities, see: